before you buy 3 mmc, you need to know

How did this chemical become so popular in such a short space of time? Where does it come from? what are its effects? and what are its risks?

This article aims to reduce the risks associated with the use of psychoactive substances and contains a wealth of important information. In particular about buying 3-mmc online and other substances such as heroin, cocaine etc.

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3 mmc

the effects of 3 mmc

If you ask a user about the effects of 3MC, they’ll tell you that the effects are somewhere between cocaine and MDMA. In fact, 3MC combines the stimulant effects of these two drugs, which are a boost of energy and confidence. It also acts on the neurotransmitters that regulate our mood and therefore our pleasure.

3 mmc effets

It increases empathy, the need for socialisation and affection. It can improve appreciation of the moment, the people you are with or the place you are in. It is also known to increase sexual desire and to have a strong aphrodisiac potential in the right context.

Oral effects generally last between 30 minutes and 1h30min. Sniffing generally takes between 10 and 15 minutes and lasts between 1h and 2h30. Obviously, these figures vary according to each person’s genetic make-up.

As for injecting, the effects are almost immediate. It gives you a flash and the on/off side, i.e. the rise and fall, often leads users to inject several times during their sessions.

The risks associated with 3 mmc consumption

Many consumers agree that the downhill runs are pretty nasty. You feel empty, everything is dull and you have no motivation. For those who are used to mdma downdrafts, the effects could be similar, although for many it seems even more unpleasant because of the feeling of absolute emptiness it generates.

It’s also highly addictive, and the pitfalls can be similar to those of cocaine. It’s relatively easy to take, and at low doses it’s not necessarily visible to the user, which makes it quite vicious.

3 mmc effet
effet 3 mmc

There may also be a lack of appetite, lack of sleep, increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, bruxism and even ‘brinzap’, which are extremely unpleasant electrical discharges in the brain that generally occur when the drug is taken several times during the same session. There’s also a feeling of depression.

Over the long term, things get worse. The consequences depend of course on the route of administration, but also on the frequency with which it is consumed.

So there is the potential for neurotoxic damage and damage to the renal and hepatic vascular systems. On a psychological level, it can cause paranoia.

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It should be noted that sites offering the sale and use of 3MCs are illegal in many countries, particularly in the UK.

Buying 3mg on one of these sites is done in the same way as on any online sales site in the UK. You select your products, choose the quantity and opt for a payment method.

The most widely used payment system is cryptocurrency. It offers several advantages, particularly in terms of security and anonymity.

However, it is important to note that some sites also accept other methods of payment, such as bank transfer or credit card.

Although it’s possible to buy 3mmc on the internet, it’s still not easy to find a site that sells it. With a bit of luck you may come across one by typing the phrase ‘buy 3mmc’ into your browser or you may go to the most notorious place to buy 3mmc online, the darknet.

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The darknet, also known as the dark web, is a part of the web not accessible by conventional search engines. It is renowned for being a place where illegal products such as synthetic drugs and narcotics like 3 mmc, mdma and cocaine are commonplace. This clandestine environment offers total anonymity to drug traffickers and consumers.

The Drugs Squad and investigators from the Criminal Investigation Department devote considerable resources to infiltrating and dismantling drug trafficking networks operating on the darknet. Some drug traffickers are tried in criminal court and can even be sentenced to heavy prison terms of up to several years.

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Browsing the darknet is different from the classic web. You need Tor and, above all, technical knowledge and skills that are not available to just anyone. So many people turn to social networks to buy 3 mmc online.


You can buy 3 mmc from a dealer, online on a specialist website, on the darknet or on social networks.